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Building a Successful Open Source Management Strategy

Addressing Open Source Management Challenges

Respecting the terms of the licenses that govern the software used by your organization is just as important when the licenses are open source as when they are proprietary.

Building and Maintaining a Successful Open Source Management Strategy discusses:

  • Software challenges including compliance, security and code quality
  • Best practices for managing open source software
  • Key goals of a successful open source management strategy
  • Essential steps for achieving your open source goals

Developers choose to use open source code to accelerate development, but manual open source management counters the time-saving advantages that drew them to open source in the first place. In an environment where software is deployed continuously, one-time checks for code quality, compliance, security and other factors within open source need to be managed strategically.

In order to ensure that the benefits of open source are not outweighed by risks such as licensing compliance problems, poor code quality or security vulnerabilities, organizations must manage their open source code responsibly. This management is simplified by the use of automated tools to keep track of which open source codebases and licenses your organization uses, real-time monitoring and auditing of security vulnerabilities and licensing compliance efforts, and the integration of open source management into the rest of your software delivery pipeline.

Special contributing authors:

Gilles Gravier, Director, Senior Advisor - Open Source Consulting Practice, Wipro

Eric Tice, NA Open Source SME Lead, Wipro



"The whole process for identifying and documenting open source licenses was awful for everyone involved. FOSSA saves us so much time and pain." 

Rob Mason, SVP Engineering @ Applause


"FOSSA handles a tremendous amount of compliance work that would normally take us months to do." 

Faryar Ghazanfari, IP Counsel @ Solarcity