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The Next Generation of
In-House Counsel

Product Counsel: Emerging Legal Responsibilities Across Product and Digital Transformation

Increasing demands from engineering and product development are offering an opportunity for legal to impact the business through the development of skills they need to partner effectively with internal technology teams.

The Next Generation of In-House Counsel: Emerging Legal Responsibilities Across Product and Digital Transformation discusses:

  • The definition of the "Product Counsel" role within your corporate counsel
  • How to know if open source compliance is something you need to track
  • What legal should focus on in partnership with internal tech teams
  • The pains and priorities of legal's partners across the tech team
  • Emerging trends in corporate legal service delivery

The rapid evolution of software development and technology across industries has changed corporate legal functions — especially the shape and responsibilities of the in-house counsel. Areas requiring legal review have grown and increased in-house counsel responsibilities, but also offers the opportunity for Legal to have a more leveraged business impact.

One of the emerging domains the General Counsel must support is engineering and product development. Not only tasked with bringing efficiency into the legal organization, but many now also embed a “Product Counsel” within Engineering, IT, Product, and Design teams to help make crucial, risk mitigating decisions that shape the strategic direction of the company’s product.



"The whole process for identifying and documenting open source licenses was awful for everyone involved. FOSSA saves us so much time and pain." 

Rob Mason, SVP Engineering @ Applause


"FOSSA handles a tremendous amount of compliance work that would normally take us months to do." 

Faryar Ghazanfari, IP Counsel @ Solarcity