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Auditing Your Company's Use of Open Source

Checklist for Creating an Open Source Compliance Program

Open source is now a key part of any software strategy, with 77% of Enterprises including open source in commercial products. To ensure your company can reap the benefits from a rapid adoption of open source technologies, you need to have a strategy to manage your open source consumption responsibility.

Creating an Open Source Compliance Program: Auditing Your Company’s Use of Open Source discusses:

  • The checklist you need to create, run and maintain an Open Source Compliance program
  • The creation of your Open Source Compliance policies
  • Initiating your compliance program rollout
  • Iterating and expanding your program across new products and business units

FOSSA has partnered with leaders in open source from foundations like OpenChain and Open Source Program Office experts from companies like Uber, Verizon Media, Ford, and TDAmeritrade to assemble and share these best practices in developing open source compliance programs.

Modern technologies that form the backbone of major technological innovations all have roots in open source — from microservices to agile CI/CD, from digital transformation to artificial intelligence (and we could go on). From lowering the total cost of ownership (and decreasing time to market) to improving development practices and product quality, open source comes with clear benefits to your business.



"The whole process for identifying and documenting open source licenses was awful for everyone involved. FOSSA saves us so much time and pain." 

Rob Mason, SVP Engineering @ Applause


"FOSSA handles a tremendous amount of compliance work that would normally take us months to do." 

Faryar Ghazanfari, IP Counsel @ Solarcity