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A New Wave of IP Risks: 

How Open Source is Changing IP Risk in the Software Supply Chain


Open source legal experts Kate Downing, Heather Meeker, and Mark Radcliffe discuss the most common IP risks that arise from the use of open source software today, including copyright infringement, patent infringement, reputational risk, exposure of IP secrets, and the impact on the partner or customer relationship.

With the U.S. Supreme Court poised to consider what one lawyer calls the “copyright war of the century” and disputes related to open source software continuing to arise, the space appears to pose increasing legal and reputational risks for businesses of all sizes.

Meanwhile, the integration of open source components throughout the software supply chain means that companies can face challenges in even identifying their open source dependencies, let alone ensuring compliance with varied licensing requirements.

To help you navigate this landscape, we present a white paper, A New Wave of IP Risk: How Open Source Software is Changing IP Risk in the Software Supply Chain, in which we look at pitfalls as varied as patent and copyright infringement, exposure of trade secrets, and reputational harm in the eyes of clients and employees.

Brought to you in partnership with our friends at Above the Law, the paper specifically explores:

  • How open source software became so widespread
  • Why IP risks proliferate in the software supply chain
  • The perils of litigating open source issues
  • Steps for companies to consider now


"The number one risk for all companies with respect to open source is reputation. And I say that because so many people are involved in the open source world, and so many people are interested in companies that do open source." 

Kate Downing, Lawyer