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7 Steps for M&A Due Diligence and Open Source Compliance

When it comes to mergers and acquisitions (M&As) and open source software (OSS), the number-one focus is making sure that you can perform a thorough and timely audit and gap analysis around license compliance and vulnerabilities. This infographic covers the seven steps you must take when executing due diligence.

7 Steps for M&A Due Diligence and Open Source Compliance covers:

  • A seven-step guide to avoiding OSS license conflicts when preparing for M&A
  • How to avoid compliance issues that could affect M&A
  • Research on M&A and OSS compliance
  • Automation solutions to the challenge of manual audits

M&A hasn't slowed down despite uncertain times. In fact, a large percentage of companies are expediting their M&A transactions. One of the most important aspects of M&A is the standard due diligence process for technology acquisitions mainly focusing on the seller’s OSS and third-party disclosure documents. Without this process, you run the risk of creating a financial nightmare for the acquiring company and ruin your reputation in the process.

Here are the seven steps to follow for M&A due diligence. Whether you are acquiring or being acquired, FOSSA’s due diligence audits deliver the most comprehensive and accurate picture of your open source compliance, security, and quality risks. 




51% of dealmakers indicate that digital tools and accelerators are minimizing risks and uncertainties through more analysis in the diligence phase.