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DevOps and
Open Source 101

The DevOps Role in Modernizing Open Source Best Practices

Tasked with automating developer workflow, the DevOps team has a growing amount of responsibilities — especially when it comes to ensuring that the open source software used at a company is secure and compliant.

DevOps and Open Source 101: The DevOps Role in Modernizing Open Source Best Practices discusses:

  • Modern software development practices and their reliance on open source
  • The origin and evolution of DevOps, and the impact of open source on the role
  • Deployment, continuous compliance and risk management
  • Incorporating open source management into CI/CD

Legacy tools destroy developer workflow by slowing down or freezing processes and requiring manual audits. By having an issue resolution workflow that can be integrated with CI/CD, you don’t have to stop developers from working or do one-off scans. It allows everything to be continuous and compatible with DevOps best practices such as Agile Method, CI/CD, automation, and security.

With each open source project, security and compliance need to be vetted. Security is an obvious concern, but open source license compliance is also essential because a lack of compliance to otherwise “free” open source tools can have a revenue impact when proof is required for enterprise sales, M&A, IPO or distribution on application platforms. 



"The whole process for identifying and documenting open source licenses was awful for everyone involved. FOSSA saves us so much time and pain." 

Rob Mason, SVP Engineering @ Applause


"FOSSA handles a tremendous amount of compliance work that would normally take us months to do." 

Faryar Ghazanfari, IP Counsel @ Solarcity