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Modern open source management and software composition analysis. Realtime license and vulnerability management for open source dependencies.

Effective open source management entails the use of automated tools to keep track of which open source codebases and licenses your organization uses, real-time monitoring and auditing of security vulnerabilities and licensing compliance efforts, and the integration of open source management into the rest of your software delivery pipeline

Contact FOSSA to learn about:

  • Automating the scanning of your open source licenses

  • Handling open source risk management and intellectual property concerns for your organization

  • Building best practices in your open source workflows

  • Simplifying deployment with integrations options across existing developer tools

  • Streamlining the relationship between developers, legal and risk management


FOSSA can help to achieve all of your Open Source goals. By providing automated, real-time licensing and vulnerability management for open source code no matter where it exists within your software stack, FOSSA helps organizations minimize the risk and maximize the benefit of open source. Request a demo to learn more, or import FOSSA from GitHub to start analyzing your open source dependencies today.



"The whole process for identifying and documenting open source licenses was awful for everyone involved. FOSSA saves us so much time and pain." 

Rob Mason, SVP Engineering @ Applause


"FOSSA handles a tremendous amount of compliance work that would normally take us months to do." 

Faryar Ghazanfari, IP Counsel @ Solarcity